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Principal Component Analysis is a very commonly used tool in modern data analytics, yet many who apply the technique have only a poor grasp at what is going on behind the scenes. I realized this black box like characteristic when I attempted to explain Principal Component Analysis to someone who was not in a related profession and had little knowledge of linear algebra. This article focuses on explaining principal component analysis like one would to a first-time listener without assuming any prior knowledge.

In that spirit let’s talk a little bit about what problem Principal Component Analysis solves in the…


Record low interest rates have defined the 2020’s thus far, and though that might be considered a great thing by an individual or company looking for financing the realities of the situation for lending companies record high spikes in demand concurrent with acute shortages of qualified underwriting staff, those individuals that are trained it the methods applied to approving or declining an application for credit. …


The rapid development of the Chinese real estate economy has led to growing fears of a massive bubble, highlighting the urgent need of an improved and optimized real estate valuation model. This research paper finds that recent applications of Back-Propagation Neural Network Modeling (BP Neural Network Modeling) in real estate valuations is improved when optimized with a Genetic Algorithm.

The realm of Real Estate assessment is a multi-faceted and complex calculation with inherent risk (risk in this case being the margin of error on predicted value and true value). The author points out that many factors influence the valuation…

Ever had a flat tire? Maybe, maybe not, but eventually most people are going to run into this problem. Now depending on the person, every person is likely to fall into one of two categories.

Either A: They don’t know how to change a tire,

Or B: They do.

Regardless of which person you might be in this situation, it could be worse.

What if you didn’t even know you had a flat? I’ve personally seen this on the road before, while driving down from Fairfax VA to Tampa FL. An eighteen-wheeler was rolling down Interstate 75 with all 18…

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